Day 1

26 July 2017

Plenary Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Anna Larsson
, Vice President, Global Head of Sustainability, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, Chair, Trident Alliance

Government Address:
The Singapore Vision for a Greener and Smarter Bunker Industry
Alan Lim, Deputy Director (Port Services), Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Regulatory Address:
Consistent implementation of the 2020 sulphur limit and other action by IMO to address emissions from ships
Dr Edmund Hughes, Head of Air Pollution and Climate Change, International Maritime Organisation (IMO)

Port State Control Perspectives on Emission Control and Enforcement Policies

  • Inspections based on risk profile
  • New environmental requirements
  • Responsibilities of industry
  • Enforcement
  • Consequences of non-compliance

Richard W.J. Schiferli, Secretary General, Paris MoU on Port State Control

Morning Networking Tea Break

Regulatory Panel:
Working with Industry to Meet the Challenges in Reducing Emissions

  • Meeting the regulations
    • Using low Sulphur fuel or Sulphur dioxide scrubbers
    • Engine design & emission controls for NOx
    • Bunker logs, scrubber & emission control operation/maintenance logs 
  • Detection of non-compliance
    • Inconsistencies in logs
    • Remote analysis of engine emissions
  • Enforcement options
    • Denial of entry
    • Penalties
    • Require vessel to be towed

Anna Larsson, Vice President, Global Head of Sustainability, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, Chair, Trident Alliance

Dr Edmund Hughes, Head of Air Pollution and Climate Change, International Maritime Organisation (IMO)
Richard W.J. Schiferli, Secretary General, Paris MoU on Port State Control
Steve O’Malley, Chair of the Technical Committee, ISO

Shipowners’ Panel:
Taking a Definitive Position on Emissions Compliance Options   

  • MGO price and availability in the longer term
  • Economic scenarios for scrubbers and technical / operational considerations
  • Projections for LNG uptake
  • Other factors impacting compliance

Robert Maxwell
, Managing Director, Bernhard Schulte ShipManagement

Anna Larsson, Vice President, Global Head of Sustainability, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, Chair, Trident Alliance
Michihiko Nakano, General Manager, Bunker Business Office, MOL
Tom Strang, Senior Vice President, Maritime Affairs, Carnival Corporation & plc
Peter Keller, SEA\LNG Chairman and Executive Vice President, TOTE

Close of Plenary Sessions followed by Lunch Break

8th Bunkering in Asia Conference Commences

Chairman's Opening Remarks
Rob Cox, Technical Director, IPIECA

Pathways to 2020

The Fuel Availability – Where do we stand?  

  • ECA marine fuel choices and other products 
  • Future fuel mixes and fuel types as alternatives to HFO
  • Challenges in developing low Sulphur and hybrid fuels
  • Use of distillate and process of residual fuel

Bob Thornton, Global Marine Technical Director, World Fuel Services

Industry Panel on Confronting the Challenges in the 2020 Global Cap Implementation

  • Quality and availability of marine fuels
  • Difficulty with range of products
  • Strategy on newbuilds, why scrubber/why not scrubber
  • How to approach and valuate cargo contracts which extends into 2020.
  • Considerations to current fleet (any retrofitting needed?)
  • Process compliance strategies

Moderator: Timothy Cosulich,  CEO, Fratelli Cosulich Group of Companies

Tyge Skarsboe Idahl,  Bunker Manager – Asia Pac, Klaveness Asia
Mathias Bowie, Bunker Manager - Asia, J Lauritzen
Sara Scaramelli, Bunker Procurement Manager, Western Bulk Chartering
Zhen Mao, Executive Director, Equatorial Marine Fuel Management Services
More Panellists to be confirmed

Key Challenges in Fuel Management - Perspectives from Testing & Surveying

  • Fuel quality trends that will impact global shipping & role of Asia
  • Operational challenges faced by end users
  • Using data analytics for better decision making

Capt. Rahul Choudhuri, Managing Director AMEA, Veritas Petroleum Services

Afternoon Tea

Refiners Perspective on the Transition to Low Sulphur Marine Fuel

  • Analysing the impact of global Sulphur cap on the refining industry
  • Changes in quality and standards 
  • Will engine makers accept new fuels specifications?

Rob Cox, Technical Director, IPIECA

Singapore’s Mandatory Mass Flow Meter Implementation

  • Procedural changes in bunkering operations – SS600 to TR48:2015
  • What is the surveyor’s role in the use of MFM, collecting evidence and dispute resolution?
  • How are market participants coping with the new regulation?

Capt. Rohit Bhatia, Managing Director, Wade Maritime Singapore

MFM Experiences to Date, and What Next

  • What disputes have taken place, with what resolution
  • Working with TR 48
  • Other operational and technical matters arising
  • How does best practice need to change?

Moderator: V Bala, Partner – Shipping & International Trade, Rajah & Tann

Jan Henrik Witt, Head of Operations HDY/HMX Fleet, Western Bulk
Leo Bakarić, Bunker Buyer/Voyage Manager, Teekay 
Sean Warr, Senior Bunker Buyer, BW Shipping
Capt. Rohit Bhatia, Managing Director, Wade Maritime Singapore
Timothy Cosulich, 
CEO, Fratelli Cosulich Group of Companies

End of Conference Day 1


Day 2

27 July 2017

Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Adrian Tolson, Senior Partner, 2020 Marine Energy

Regional and Global Markets 

Bunkering 2030: A Glimpse at the Future

  • Longer term economic, demographic, political and technological trends that are set to shape our future
  • How will the bunker industry adapt to manage these trends

Justin Murphy, Chief Executive, International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA)

Managing 2020 Fuel Price – Are we Ready Enough?

  • Identifying potential risk and financial implications
  • Impact of the increased demand for LSFO in the global market
  • Assessing fuel hedging strategy for unexpected volatility prior to 2020

Carsten Ladekjaer, Chief Executive Officer, Glander International Bunkering

China’s Challenges and Growth Potential

  • Overview of China’s Shipping Market
  • Implementation of Sulphur Cap 0.5% in 2019 - Boundaries and core ports
  • Infrastructure and facilities development

Dimitris Seirinakis, Managing Director, The American P&I Club Shanghai

Morning Tea Break

Operations Efficiency & Technology in Bunkering

Fuel Related Challenges Through the Eyes of an Industry Expert

  • Exploring the challenges related to marine fuel
  • Setting things in perspective – how often does marine fuel cause problems to operation?
  • Fuel testing – before and after things have gone wrong

Charlotte Røjgaard, Global Technical Manager, Bureau Veritas  

Disintermediation: The Silent Tsunami

  • Why the industry is increasingly removing intermediaries from the supply chain
  • How the slide in volumes and margins, and the increased real, and perceived risk within fuel supply has led to the decline of traders
  • The increased role for larger commodity and cargo traders in combination with a rebirth in the role of the majors
  • How fintech could replace the financing role of traders 

Adrian Tolson, Senior Partner, 2020 Marine Energy

Big Data, Predictive Analytics & E-BDN – Digitizing the Bunker Industry for More Accuracy, Transparency and Integrity

  • Understanding the technology standard and operations
  • Applications and mobile devise interventions
  • How analytics can be used to enhance operations and reduce risk?
  • Big data concept in fleet tracking, automation and control systems in bunker delivery
  • Data security and safety

Adrian Tolson, Senior Partner, 2020 Marine Energy

Clara Ng, Head of Group Procurement, China Navigation Company Pte Ltd
Sachin Gupta, Business Manager Oil Solutions, Marine Products, Wilhelmsen Ships Service
More panelists to be confirmed

Networking Lunch

Partnering with Bunker Surveyors for Effective Operations and Risk Management

  • Accreditation of Bunker surveyors
  • New scope for surveyors
  • Challenges and opportunities

Mathews George, Senior Operations Manager, Veritas Petroleum Services

Recent Case Studies and Legal Developments in Defaults and Fraud

  • Current case law
  • Legal points for the layman
  • Practical tips for risk management
  • Putting together a whistleblowing programme

Gerald Yee, Partner, Clyde & Co Clasis Singapore

Afternoon Tea Break

Closing Plenary

Closing Plenary Chairman:
Jack Brabban, Vice President, Fleet Management Control, Chembulk Tankers

Shipping Market Outlook – What to Expect from the Container/Tanker/Dry Bulk Segments?

  • Global trade dynamics
  • Newbuilding and fleet deliveries
  • Navigating the changing shipping demand landscape

John d'Ancona, Divisional Director- Market Analysis, Clarksons Platou Asia

Fuel Price Scenarios and Calculations for Comparing Various Sulphur Compliance Options

  • What are the commercial considerations? 
  • What to consider when choosing for NOx, SOx, and CO2 technologies? 
  • Technology comparison mix 
  • Costs and ROI calculations  
  • A highlight on best practices

Avinash Kadam, Marine Business Consultant & Performance Management Specialist, ARK Marine Consultancy Pte Ltd.

End of Day Two


Pre Conference Workshop

Tuesday 25 July 2017, 09.00 – 13.00

The regulatory framework for SOx

  • IMO and Port State control regulations, and key dates
  • Potential solutions and technologies
  • Economic comparisons

NOx and PM

  • Regulatory overview
  • Possible Solutions
  • Technology options
  • CAPEX and OPEX investments
  • Monitoring and compliance


About Your Workshop Leader:

Donald Folkoff
Environmental Director
SECS Singapore



EU MRV regulation - How to get ready

  • Overview and implications
  • Developing an EU MRV Monitoring Plan
  • EU MRV from the perspective of shipowners
  • Direct emissions measurement options


About Your Workshop Leader:

Yuraj Thakur
EU MRV Auditor & Commercial Head Asia- Pacific
Verifavia Shipping

Yuvraj Thakur is a Marine Engineer who has sailed as an Engineer Officer on Tanker and container ships. He holds a B Tech Marine Engineering degree from MANET, Pune and an MBA degree in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management from SP Jain School Of Global Management (Singapore/Sydney and Dubai).

His shipping expertise includes working onboard for several years, as well as working for an IT company that provides solutions to the maritime industry.

In his current role as Technical Expert/EU MRV Auditor and Commercial Head for Asia Pacific region, Yuvraj is responsible for the technical and commercial activities of Verifavia Shipping.


Post Conference Workshop

Friday 28 July 2017, 09.00 – 13.00

Diversifying into LNG Bunkering

This workshop will provide a clear and concise guideline to LNG suppliers and traders, Fuel oil suppliers and Traders, port operators and shipping lines on the commercial and operational feasibility of LNG Bunkering while tackling the common procedural challenges involved in each stage of bunkering


  • The main models
  • Feasibility assessment for a small scale LNG bunkering project
  • CAPEX and OPEX for
  • Equipment
  • Storage
  • Terminal development
  • Barges
  • Trucking
  • Understanding Operations and Safety
  • Other risk area


About Your Workshop Leaders:

Captain Walter P. Purio
Chief Executive Officer Marine Fuel Institute and Marine Advisor, Woodside Energy

Captain Walter P. Purio is the managing director of P and H Marine Australasia Pty Ltd and currently assists oil and gas companies in Australia to develop their strategies to provide LNG as a marine fuel to the Australasian region. He acts as CEO of the LNG Marine Fuel Institute and serves as a non-executive director to Pelican Clean Energy Pty Ltd which provides marine expertise, insight and advice to government, resource and oil and gas companies as they explore the potential to develop an LNG as a marine fuel industry in the Southern Hemisphere. Captain Purio is a seasoned maritime industry executive who has worked across several marine disciplines including commercial shipping, marine finance, marine compliance, naval operations, offshoring, mining and support to the oil and gas industry and holds a BS degree from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and MBA’s from the University of Chicago and the Katholieke Universitat Leuven, Belgium.

Captain Dom Allery
LNG Bunkering - Operations Representative
Woodside Energy Ltd

*Session outline may change to accommodate market-specific or company development.